Push Notifications are brief messages sent to mobile devices using the "Notifications" function of the device OS.

These are not available as text messages or emails. 

The website for most news broadcast stations offers an "email preferences" option in a user's profile where email messages can be sent to users, which operates much the same way.

If you have received Notifications under a previous version of an app but are no longer receiving them:

  1. You may need to "re-register" and "re-select" the Notifications you would like to receive. The database used may have changed and your previous selections have possibly been lost.
  2. As a result of OS updates, you may need to change the settings of your device / OS to "Allow Notifications". This may be a "General" setting, and may require specific application authorization as well.
    1. This condition may be especially frequent if you are using a "beta" version of an OS that has not been fully released yet.
  3. <Click> here for detailed instructions for iOS systems.
  4. <Click> here for detailed instructions for Android systems.

If you are receiving unwanted Notifications this may be because:

  1. The Notifications Option in the app is set to "All Notifications" by default. Using the TOOLS  Menu option will allow you to select only those Notifications you would like to receive, or you can turn them all "Off".
  2. A Notifications-Editor has coded a message as important enough to send to "all receivers"; or has inadvertently coded it this same way. We can only apologize for any "human-errors", and try to ensure they do not happen again.

Frequent Issue:

You <tap> on a Notification to view the whole article, but the article does not load:

The "Notifications" and the actual news articles are developed in two separate processes.

The Notifications are very brief and are sent out quickly, while the articles themselves take longer to assemble and publish. As a result, there is a time lag between when a Notification is sent out and when the matching article is actually posted and available. We try to keep this lag as small as possible, however, we have chosen not to delay sending important warnings or notifications until an article is published. Please wait awhile, then try again and the article should become available. 

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