The "normal" icon for the Broadcast Station Apps is the station's logo.

Occasionally however, a number may appear in a corner of the icon. This indicates there is an "unread" message pending.



This is a feature of the operating system that is not incorporated into the station's app since there is no way to read or respond to Notifications sent out by the station - these are not part of the app itself.

The ability to set this "number" is available within the program we use to push-out Notifications, but our procedure calls for it to be set to "0" and "never increment".

Our editors may make an error an inadvertently change this feature, resulting in the "pending-#" showing on the homepage icon.

This condition will normally be cleared up the next time a properly-coded Notification is sent out.

If it persists on your device, please let our HelpDesk staff know so we can investigate further and correct any special errors.

As a quick-fix, you can also uninstall/re-install the app, which should refresh the icon to it's normal state.